Experience a taste of yesterday in the rustic Ross Cottage kitchen as you prepare meals for hungry appetites. In between, enjoy a pleasant view of evergreens and birches as you write postcards at the pine desk.

Wood Stove

Those who are adventuresome may wish to fire up the authentic 1910 wood-burning cookstove to prepare meals, and for heat on chilly evenings.

Alternately, a two-burner Coleman stove and fuel are furnished for cooking and heating water. Roomy cupboards hold dishes, cutlery and cookware. A cookbook or two with traditional Maine recipes sits on the shelf.

food storage

Perishable food items can be stored in the dry five-gallon spring coolers located in the vale just south of the kitchen. A water-filled cooler is suitable for keeping drinks cold on hot summer days.

spring food cooler
hand pump

The soapstone sink features an old-fashioned hand pump that brings water from a nearby spring. Collected rainwater supplements washing needs.

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