Ross Cottage (1900) is a product of the age of sail, when the people of coastal Maine derived their living primarily from the sea. From 1900 to the present, six generations of Rosses have enjoyed the solitude and natural beauty of their rustic retreat. Now, in the age of ecotourism, the restored cottage offers to others a rare opportunity to experience some of the the seaside lifestyle of a century ago.

  • Lelia Bridges' family

LtoR: Ruth Ross, Janice Murchie, Carl Ross, Arthur Ross, Lelia (Bridges) Ross, Tom __, Barbara Murchie, Styles Bridges and son David, Unidentified woman, Jessie (Ross) Murchie, Harold Murchie, Alina (Fisher) Bridges, Marjorie Ross

Photo taken the summer after Styles Bridges' election to the US Senate and after the death in May of his second wife, Sally (Clement) Bridges.

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