Ross Cottage is booked for the following dates:

2013 Season

July 21-27 Heather Prescott
Aug 10-12 Wendy Umbriac
Aug 12-17 Lydia Johnson
Aug 31-Sept 7 Stan Kuchta

Aug Lydia Johnson
Aug Mark Van Loan


January 1 to May 15, 2011
     Ken Ross
     (734) 769-9228

May 15 to October 20, 2011
     Ken Ross
     (207) 454-7194
     (734) 680-5160

please note

For allergy and cleaning reasons, pets and smoking cannot be allowed in the building.

Payment by check or money order upon arrival.

Rental period is normally mid-afternoon Saturday through Saturday morning. On Saturdays you may encounter the caretaker, who will be glad to help and accept suggestions. Please inquire about possible alternate rental periods and other special arrangements.

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