Beach Beach

Red sandstone cliffs, outwash of the old Appalachian range, line the Ross Cottage property seafront as do wide red beaches. Children and the young-at-heart love the beach where they can skip rocks, beachcomb, and wade in the water. At low tide, guests can look for shellfish in the tidal pools or on the clamflats. At extreme low tide they may find anemones or scallops. They’re likely to see a loon or harbor seal swim by or a bald eagle soar overhead. Kayakers and canoeists can launch from the beach at any tide.
Extending to the low tide line, the property includes clam flats, the largest at Red Cove. Clams may be dug at low tide and cooked in front of the cottage or around the point in Red Cove, and cooked over a fire on the beach. Hot dogs and other picnic food are also frequently served at clambakes. The tidal cycle is about 6 hours, 10 minutes each way or 12 hours, 20 minutes from one high tide to the next. From lowest to highest can be 28 vertical feet.

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All proceeds are dedicated to the Downeast Coastal Conservancy
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